Real Time Guitar Photo Shoot Displaying Awesome Guitars

Are you ready for show and tell? Get ready to talk about guitars on Instagram! In 2019 the initiative to display some of the worlds nicest guitar styles is in the game plan for recording artist Christian Sutter. The creator of the acoustic album World’s Best Processor has a room full of candy guitars for display! The content photo shoots are going down! The Sutter brothers reunite with content creation that will promote their new music releases. Bruno Sutter has released “Oh No” on YouTube. Get ready for GUITAR CONTENT!

Bruno Sutter professional music producer and performing musician releases “Oh No” on YouTube. The popular music producer has credits on major productions. This album is under the direction of Bruno Sutter’s person instruction. The collection of songs is expected to be compiled for a full length album. The audio quality of this album far suprasses the home studio recordings of modern times. Listen the beautiful music created by amazing musicians under the artistic control of Bruno Sutter!
Christian Sutter jamming on custom foot pedal created by Bruno Sutter of B3DMusic.